Why is Treescape Solutions the best value for your dollar?

There are many reasons that we are an excellent value.  The service that we provide is top notch, due to having a knowledgeable team who are able to get the job done effectively while being efficient.  The small crew that we run always do a great job and we don't need to bill you for having four men like many tree care crews have.  Our prices are usually lower than most of our competitors, and you can rest assured that we will work carefully on your property and avoid causing any damage.  

What can be done to address oak wilt?

Oak Wilt is a tree disease caused by a fungus.  The fungus is spread from diseased to healthy trees by insect vectors or via connections between tree roots.  In most cases, the end result is tree mortality. 

It is generally recommended that Oaks are not trimmed between the end of February to the end of July.  If we have been hired to trim an Oak during the recommended non-pruning period, we ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY for any undesirable effects of the tree’s health.   In cases where we work with Oak Wilt, we DO sanitize our tools at the end of each job and spray pruning seal on all exposed areas that have been pruned.  These measures reduce dead loss and help to deter insects from feeding on the pruned area, and help to prevent the spread of pathogens.

Is Treescape Solutions a certified arborist service?

No.  Occasionally, we bring in a certified ISA arborist service to handle part of the workload.  This is typically done when a diseased tree needs to be triaged and/or treated. If this is the case, we coordinate the visit with the arborist service at your property.

Does Treescape Solutions provide insured services?

Yes.  We are fully insured to work on your property.  A copy of our insurance information is available upon request.  


Treescape Solutions, LLC BBB Business Review